see more from the shoots! NSFW – Site info update Feb 2023

February 6 2023,

Many years ago AOS was using on average of 20-30 paid 3rd party plugins (expensive), these are extensions made in php to enhance and often times break the website. In 2023 there are only less than a handful of them, the rest has all been replaced by my own self coded projects. My security scripts are strict and use my specific methods of net profiling and other cybersecurity tactics.

Site updates lately have been slow due to my lack of interest, but some updates have occurred. A new product for a VIP has been added for content, this can be purchased by any approved member soon. I actually made this product to allow myself access to a mass amount of photo posts, the system is so strict even I have a hard time viewing content until now. I like the experience myself but still want enhanced navigation. The final product has not been activated, basically it will give access to a large amount of products for a lower price.

I had to also make sure having so much content would work properly on the my content page, it does with the newer updated info included too that was added recently. It’s minimal but has the expiration, thumbnail, link for easy access now shown. It’s the best ‘smart’ my content page ever on AOS and took a few days to create. A video system has been on hold due to my use of hash-id, I updated hash-Id recently and due to some major changes it’s incompatible with older video system.

I am not sure when the next open phase for new members will happen, but it will only happen once more new content is added to the shop.

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