Diablo – D2R Ladder 3, D3 S28

Diablo 2 Resurrected

Update I got my L3 Sorcerer to level 24 which is when the blizzard build gets the actual ‘blizzard’ skill if skill points have been done correctly. Mine weren’t so I did a reset on the skills which is limited in this game, I didn’t really need to reset but I did not have glacial spike skill yet and that was a prerequisite. Yes that was impatience on my part, but my leveling is so slow and this is when it gets ‘improved’ they say. I will agree it has gotten a tad easier and now I run by lots of mobs hoping to group them up to conserve the precious mana and blizzard as many as I can with one press of the skill.

I am not using the teleport skill at all due to it’s high mana cost, but know once I get some better mana control it will be used. Plus I need to figure how to spam cast it, I am guessing a key bind of some sort will be needed. The play style is similar to wizard in D3, but teleport in D2R is far superior movement wise. Another note was I did create a nice chest armor piece ‘Spirit’ which is a runeward giving lots of helpful stats, I got the info from a Rax video.

I have been starting to play Diablo 2 Resurrected in the past month or so, haven’t played it much before. Played with a few different classes like druid and necro months ago with no experience but now wanted something to learn with. So I went to maxroll.gg and followed a Sorcerer guide to level with a few weeks ago in Ladder 2. This game is totally different from D3 and more about the loot instead of paragon power creep so I have to find out what type of stats and what to keep when loot drops.

So ladder 3 started and I created another Sorcerer this time knowing a bit more up to the end of Act 2, I didn’t follow the guide exactly but instead chose to add skill points just a minimal of options and have them powerful and less expensive mana wise. I started with the first 4 quests and then began the process of farming Tristam where I had saved Deckard Cane, I read this was a good starting place to get xp and get some decent drops. This got me from level 6 to level 14 in an 1-2 hours which was way faster than my previous runs.

Then proceeded to find the boss ‘Countess’ which will also be someone to farm for the runes and gear pretty much forever I am guessing. I still do not know how all this rune stuff works, there seems to be some specific ones you want for certain gear pieces. My sorcerer runs low on mana often but not as bad as my first ones after I learned the stats better and leveled up the frost bolt skill to cost less. I literally just put the armor skill then spam frost bolt and hit with melee while having a mercenary doing some damage too.

This was another thing learning how to quickly change the skills to use (I am using mouse middle wheel to cycle skills and have F keys binded to a few) , how to quick add potions (Shift + Left Click) to the belt while in combat. Anyway the game is beginning to become more fun and gaining levels is much slower than in D3, but just like in D3 or even more so you must find the Champions and Bosses to the good xp. After killing them in certain areas go back to town and then save and exit game to reset and do it over again.

Diablo 3

Season 27 ends tomorrow Feb 19 2023, I hit 4142 paragon which is a high paragon level, with my wizard I could carry 4 man level 140 greater rifts with ease using bane of the powerful and mob spamming arcane meteor. S28 I tested on the PTR and I really did not like it at all (potion pylon buff was easy mode), it was just too easy and at the time did not think it would interest me. They have since closed the PTR and now adjusted things to make it more challenging which is good so I will probably join in on the fun when S28 begins Feb 24.

I am not sure which I will play more D3 or D2R in the next few months, D2R is new to me and there is lots to learn so I am thinking it will have more play time.

Sniper Elite 5

Now this game is one I play every day for awhile, I played version 4 but 5 has the invasions (Sniper Jager) and I love them along with survival mode. I’ll typically play a diablo game then cycle back and forth to this one, I am pretty darn good at this game except for multiplayer quick sniping thus far. Shooting enemies in the balls never gets old, sticky grenades, being invaded is just too easy with focus on so I turn it off and use authentic mode, I am becoming a better invader as sniper jager and try to melee kill the good guys.

Really the key the this game for invasions for either side is knowing the maps, npc locations, phone locations, common spawn locations, objectives, and how focus mode works. As the invader I am almost never not moving around even if the map is pre cleared aka no npc’s which can hugely help the sniper jager. I pretty much just play the campaign on coop with axis invasions for some multiplayer action, difficulty of hard or authentic.

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