Stuff – Steam needs better developers, uninstalled!

I have had a Steam account for nearly two decades with around 37 games, over the years I have had quite a few bugs with the app itself. Recently things have been horrible with downloads, due to my constant traveling I have to use various wifi setups that can be very expensive. If you have played games on a PC before you know the typical cycle of updates will come out, some games have huge updates too 50+ gigs monthly aka Sniper Elite 5 WTF. I was noticing how every time I started up steam and saw new updates a feeling of distress came over me, this is due to most updates using the steam downloader resetting or other issues.

Ever had a huge download take hours and have it stop or maybe you paused it to watch a video then start it back up only to see it has reset the entire download to 0?

This is how the steam app works for many many months and years. It’s unreliable and wasted too much of my time and money, remember bandwidth is not free and super expensive for myself. So a few months ago I was just going to delete steam but saw an app update so I tried using it again for awhile, nothing changed once those new game updates came the nerd rage came out, I gave myself some time to not act on impulse and deleted the account which removes all games.

Steam is better uninstalled account deleted!

Doing this removes all the games from your PC and you will not be able to play any of the games you purchased on steam even if you saved them. They will need the steam app to function, I knew what games I might consider buying again if steam was not required. For now I will be missing out on my favorite games Sniper Elite 4 and 5, I might buy them again but I really dislike the SE 5 update size which is mind boggling in 2023. For instance recently they had a new free download for a weapon skin and the update was 40+ gigs, yes for a skin, I may decide not to play SE 5 anymore due to this too, come on Rebellion. Mix large downloads with a horrible downloader inside of the steam app and it is a nightmare.

I will not be returning to the steam app and am considering not using any game collection app like it in the future. I have Diablo 2,3, and 4 at least even though service seems to be degrading more and more, thank goodness Diablo 2 Resurrected can be played offline which makes it a true gem of a game.

Steam thank you for wasting my money and time!

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