see more from the shoots! NSFW – Site info update Mid March 2023

March 2023

Looking to edit some more photos for new products soon already a few in mind , some older products have been updated a bit. I am looking into video too, note 98% of the old AOS video edits have been deleted. Recently made the Kontakt page public again, I am really only responding to verified entities or past associates/models/etc.. If you haven’t been a member of AOS in the last year it’s very familiar, but….. greatly improved as far as photo content is concerned and the upgraded my content page dynamic content information.

A new mode was scripted in to allow a ‘most content at time of purchase feature’ this is basically a coupon that marks many products 100% off and you pick what you want for up to 30 days for a smaller fee than what it would normally cost. If you can see it in the shop then it will most likely be available to purchase, AOS is user dynamic having a couple tiers of shop and purchasing access. This feature might be available in an upcoming update.

Unfortunately due to abuse by past members I had to gate the login and account system, this will remain as default setting. Once an account is approved the site is automated from that point. I will allow new accounts once I get a few more uploads and I have no time frame in mind. AOS is ‘whenever I have time or interest to update is when it will get done’.

Feb 2023

I am not sure when the next open phase for new members will happen, but it will only happen once more new content is added to the shop.

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