Gaming – D2R Dclone first solo

A few days ago after some gear trades my blizzard Sorcerer was much more powerful, but not powerful enough it appears. Dclone was still not going down even though I had him down to half health he healed right back up, I tried to prevent monster heal methods and something just wasn’t working, not sure still what was going wrong. Now today I had a few more pieces of gear, the sorc is really geared except for a subpar shield and crafted ring. I just dinged level 88, just made a fortitude for my a2 merc and he is totally kick ass now but still needs socket to Andariels helm.

So I am doing some Hell mode quests and grabbing all the waypoints since I skipped a few, then the Diablo messages stated to appear and they were rapidly progressing meaning someone was spawning him asap. Grab a bunch of potions even extras for cube to drop on ground, head to Stoney Field cause I like the Tristam portal location and it’s area I know better than most.

There was the buffed up Diablo running right at me, popped some healing potions on me and merc, boom his health is falling faster than ever. About 3-4 health potions on merc a couple on me during and boom he went down after about 20-30 seconds. My very first solo of Dclone ever, last time I had a geared player join to take him out for me.

The really cool thing was the new Anni charm that dropped was a total upgrade. Old one was 1/11/15/6 New 1/14/20/10 you can see the stats meaning in screenshot below.

Annihilus Small Charm 1/14/20/10
An upgrade all 3 variable stats, 2 are perfect at max except the +14 attribute which can be up to 20
Dclone killing
What? Dclone killed by noob, wow.

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