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mIRC – Scripting in mIRC, lessons?

I learned to script in mIRC aka mSL in the mid 1990’s, yea that was a long time ago, still to this day those skills help me out. mIRC is a IRC application for windows used to connect on IRC servers to chat in real time, in this program it has a script editor which is super simple to use. You can just have mIRC installed and you are ready to go nothing else needed but creativity really, you code in the editor provided then enter a command you created and instant good stuff hopefully.

mIRC is a great way to learn coding, once you learn it you can pretty much pickup many others like PHP, Python, Javascript, to name a few relatively simple. Anyway I was thinking of posting an occasional blog post here with some simple lessons and/or simple projects. Anyway look for some, I am updating some of my knowledge on mIRC due to having fun with it more than other coding languages, I have no idea why I just love it.

Maybe it’s the simplicity of it, instant results.

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