mIRC – technique few new ideas v5.2

Just a quick list of some ideas I have been toying with, I doubt all will be added.

Somebody asked if ChatGPT was possible, of course it is since creating socket connections are the raw form of connecting. It will need some sort of authentication which will be the trickiest part. If I start adding more stuff to technique I may be making the major updates from 5.2+ part of a subscription which would be cheap and then require a login to one of my sites to purchase, it wont be expensive but to keep me working on it and adding user requests of any kind would require it for my time. Otherwise it wont change much and just be something I am sharing designed for my needs with some stuff removed, yea technique is a bit larger on my side.

  1. Arps bot messaging modes I have mentioned before, made a couple of these and basically if you have the mode(s) enabled arps will do some talking. One mode is like a catfish mode in queries aka dm’s, other mode is not super useful but if you enable it on any channel the bot is on too it will stop your own text and the bot will instead chat with whatever you entered. The most fun mode is sarcastic mode, basically if enabled you select a user or a few users and the bot will occasionally respond with a sarcastic piece of one of your chat messages. This one required a little more work but it is funny at times, the response rate frequency can be adjusted so it’s not constantly spamming.
  2. Lag system options, alerts, stats, show notice when lag high highest lowest, network and server specific. Ways to choose servers automatically that have the best lowest stat aka ping. Say you connect to a server identified as a slow or high ping one a new script notice will appear just for heads up. Picture window graphic for live stat possible.
  3. Recent editor, for any recent menu items now have an editor to remove single or multiple items from lists. Recents are servers, nicks, channels, telnet servers, and any new things added. Right now you can only clear all and I have the max setting to 15 in any list, possible custom setting added.
  4. Speak various script options, news, alerts. A simple on off switch for all of selected script options I may add speak. Most modern Windows versions have speech options setup by default so works easily. mIRC has speak options for many of it’s alerts you can turn on, this system is for technique stuff. If you are a person who multi tasks this is an excellent way to alert you of things.
  5. Telnet regex additions and auto logins, using regular expressions and some conditional logic auto login and other things could be added. Also wanting to ‘mask ****’ password entry manually and auto per character entered into editbox and window. Possible list of fetched public telnet servers from file.
  6. More on/off switches to many options some that have been removed due to needing user input.
  7. Version number change, instead of 5.1b2.3 I may change to simpler 5.1.1-100. Reason I will typically put out a ton of small updates an my version numbers move up fast 1-100. 5.1 – 5.2 is a major update 5.1.10 – newer 5.1.15 is a few minor changes. Also works with current system, b in the older version meant beta which is not really needed.
  8. Webscrape, well I have made probably 20+ webscrapers in PHP and Python but never in mIRC that I can remember. This will be a universal scraper, meaning it will scrape and output what it thinks is relevant or with user extra input/params lay out some options to either use or share. One feature I will include however is a section to create custom presets, this way you can scrape and use the data the same way each time after the proper css element is found with your data, like getting the weather for your city. I did have a google.com/other site translator and search system in the past so it’s kind of similar. So now an approved user could !scrape site options or use built in dialog.
  9. Power options, I wont say much about these now but some upgrades to some options for nerds. There are already a few of these using /commands
  10. Backup recent version, recently I made a huge error by changing the version number and somehow erased the entire script below that line. I had a recent version of course but a few of the fresh changes were lost (I remade them), so soon the script will backup and retain 1-3 recent versions. This would require a secondary script file that will repair or reload a backup, what it will do is in the case the master technique.mrc does not start fully it will show a new notice with a simple /newcommand to restore a previous version or download the newest and try again. Influenced by WordPress backup systems.
  11. Technique may have multiple files, due to conflicts with some things I might be breaking some code into a separate file. This will happen automatically so the download will still remain one master file. At one time in the past technique would break all major functions into separate files, it was a waste of time and more effort was my opinion so I made it one script. I did this so only things that needed an update would get a small piece of code updated.

Other info I started created some small dialogs to brush up on dialog creating, one was for the port scan function that is very simple. One thing to note is dialogs are giving me a small issue on my computer with sizing and placement of some controls, so you might see extra space between objects. I am unable to make dialogs look super compact for every resolution, they seem to change. I am trying to minimize the text of labels as well.

I resized the original configuration dialog and it looks ‘ok’ but too small so its larger now, so much empty space to add new options and tabs. I might enable this very soon, its pretty simple to add in the options available in old version. I am thinking of just making dialogs for every major function instead of one with many tabs due to display issues.

Update I found a possible fix for scaling/display issues with dialogs, instead of using ‘option dbu’ a newer updated option map seems to properly scale dialogs at various resolutions, so now it’s ‘option map’. This made my settings dialog look accurate.

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