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mIRC – Fun with arps bot

Update: today was re arranging the menus and they are improved for arps. I was on two servers and noticed since I am allowing custom server, menus will always be active on other networks arps is not on. Arps is not currently network specific so there can only be one with this setup plus calling arps automatically closes any other arps. I will be adding more code to make things dynamically check if current network is one arps is online with, plus I need to fix the channels recent menu for this too. I am really liking my little buddy but he is not too smart yet.

Tonight I played around a little and made a simple custom server setting for arps bot, earlier I also installed a IRCD so I can test properly without joining any public servers. Anyway now arps can connect anytime to custom, localhost, or active server connection. So while playing I had arps on a live server while I was on my localhost server controlling the bot. The new server setting is added into the menubar and channel window menus.

These menus are kind of a pain to go back and forth to so I will definitely be creating a dialog control to change settings and play with the bot. A new custom arps window will be made and this is important so you can read any data from instances you are not in, like when he joined a live server I could not see what was happening besides a few server notices. Due to having a eggdrop bot also always online 24/7 I was able to view remote data from same channel they were both on. I haven’t scripted much yet to make a socket bot connect to a eggdrop but surely something will happen.

Now for a fun thing and pretty um crazy thing I made arps connect to 20 servers and scan 5 channels each, a small script was made to search for something or just give stats from each channel then leave, after all complete he logged out. Don’t ask me what I use this for but it’s a similar function that I use on a crawler bot online. I had some errors on a couple servers and got banned due to either my spoofed host or arps doing his process in a bot like behavior. These bans are basic IRC server configs that ban particular ASN’s, like when using a vpn and some sites don’t like you etc.

Anyway it was a little fun plus the server setting will be in the next technique update.

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