mIRC – technique script download

  1. Current available version 5.2.+ here, download and save it is as technique.mrc
  2. To use this script you will need mIRC IRC client for Windows, grab the latest version at https://www.mirc.com/get.html
  3. Open mIRC after installing and press these keyboard shortcuts alt+R then control+L and navigate to location of the technique.mrc file you saved. Select the file and press ‘Open’ button to load it. You can also use command in any mIRC window (will need to know actual path like C:/somefolder/technique.mrc) /load -rs path/to/technique.mrc
  4. mIRC will give you some initialization warnings in a small dialog, press ok and accept loading of the script.

The script was originally made in the mid 1990’s, but the current one called technique was in 1999. It has a built in updater, news, and most menus are dynamic according to your status. This is a utility script so it’s purpose originally was to just add to the default mIRC features and speed some things up. In 2021 I got real bored and downloaded my own script, I found that 60%+ of it still worked perfectly but due to some small changes in mIRC Scripting language some things needed updated.

Many old features were removed due to needing more extensive work, really just wanted something simple to work on. I have since found that I really enjoy updating small parts of this every so often and will put new updates out still in 2023. I expect to enhance the script more in the future.

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