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Plugin – WordPress Ratings

2023 Update coming soon!

Some new changes soon for version 1.1 in WordPress Admin Dashboard > Settings > WP Chess Ratings, set a default user name, options to grab new ratings or use most recent, maybe other things. With this update you can more easily just enter a short code with just a format entered, the ratings data will store in WP user meta field so it easily works within the default WordPress user data management.

Later versions may have multiple logged in user settings for admin site wide and then for each user to show in profile/forum etc. in a WP based site. Other options I am thinking about are stats high/low/last played/others, then options to allow the short code to have multiple formats and/or displays for larger data blocks.

Version 1.0 March 2022

Download this small zip file, in WordPress Admin go to ‘Plugins > Add New” then search for this .zip file you just downloaded, select it and upload. After it is added make sure to activate the plugin., then you can now use the shortcode like shown below on pages/post etc. using a shortcode block or just put shortcode in a paragraph. You must have a username and rated games played for this to work. The ratings are live from the server.

My current chess rapid rating is: [chess_ratings username="my_username" format="chess_rapid"]
Formats you can use: chess_daily, chess_rapid, tactics, chess960_daily, chess_blitz, puzzle_rush, bullet

Example outputs below, note the shortcode will just show a rating, error msg, or NA.

Forgot to enter username: Invalid Username

My current bullet rating is (I don’t have): NA

My best survival puzzle rush is: NA

My best tactics/puzzle rating is: 1701

My current chess blitz rating is: 580

My current chess daily rating is: NA

My current chess rapid rating is: 689


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