Gaming – Diablo 4 playable this week finally.

UPDATE June 1 2023

Well I got online in D4 about 6 minutes before pre launch and played for four hours straight so far, this game is gorgeous even with my settings turned down low to get best performance. Currently playing a Sorceress at level 11, seen other players in town which happens after you finish the prologue quests for me was around level 5. I am really liking the game so far, my game time is spent wondering around very slow clicking on everything in site.

I ordered the ultimate edition minutes after it was available since Diablo is one of my all time favorite games, with this pre order access to betas and playable days earlier than normal release date of June 6 2023. It appears I will be playing it Thursday night June 1 quite possibly, decided not to play the betas or server slam versions so my play through will be virgin fresh.

I am surely making a barbarian and sorceress, in fact in D3 for season 28 which was barely played those are the two classes I play a little. One thing I will miss is the zbarb, I hope it can be made in Diablo 4 but I have no idea just yet, Last night the pre download came out, it was about 85gigs for complete download with high res optional pack, about 46gigs for the standard game only. Was very surprised how fast my download was, done in minutes.

The last few years I have been gaming on my spare time more and more, Sniper Elite 5, Diablo, Hearthstone, and recently I tried the Wow Classic WOTLK which was my favorite expansion and it’s been ok. My favorite Diablo game is D3 even though D2R has so much more difficulty I think that after I was able to use an offline editor to make a maxed out character the game lost some of its shine.

I am really hoping D4 is a mix of D2R gear greatness and D3’s fast action somewhere in the game. I will probably start as sorcerers then barbarian awhile later. I watched some game play on YouTube but really just wanted to hear some opinions, it appears to be getting good reviews on end game which lasts the longest. From what I have seen it looks gorgeous, but I am more into the game play than looks.

Anyway expect to be telling work I am not doing shit this weekend, will explore and hopefully enjoy the newest game. Hope my MacBook Pro with Windows will run it fine or I’ll be shopping for a windows laptop just to play D4.

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