Gaming – Diablo 4 endgame and whiners!

I read and discuss D4 on the official forums daily, it is full of whining, compliments, and other things. When a public option to comment on things is offered you will usually see more negative than anything else, it’s just the way it works and I don’t see it changing now. I am a level 53 Sorc at the time of writing this post, spend my time in the game grabbing Lilith status probably 10-12 each play session, doing a few side quests, and the usual endgame activities of helltides/whispers.

So far I have had 0 group games, wow zero for a ARPG that has MMO elements to it. This is all I do in D3 and D2R half of the time, group play. The complaints I see on the forums do not bother me and respect many of them, class nerfs, no grouping, endgame repetitive, level scaling, random users appearing in open world but of no use, dungeon nerfs, man this is a ton of things. I have no idea why we even see other players occasionally at this point, you can’t even chat with them really. I had 1 emote used on me and that is it in 2 weeks, they said thanks for some reason.

Here are some of my opinions of the subjects people are whining about!

Gear, I am still learning the gear system but as of right now it all seems very generic, the holy grail doesn’t seem to exist and maybe that is a good thing long term. I think gear with dynamic stats might just be what the doctor ordered, not class dynamic aka universal gear with changing stats depending on class, but magic abilities that can increase over time or even morph into new powerful variants over a really long time. Aspects are touching on this a micro level, but overall not a very good implementation.

Class Nerfs, this is expected, they have turned down damage, removed gear affixes and later turned back on with nerfed stats. I have no real problem with this now, something changes I change the setup, super simple. Do not think the spec you have made is gonna always work in this new game. There are multiple ways to play each class, just because Maxroll has a class tier list does not mean another might not be more enjoyable for you, those are just recommendations.

No Grouping, this one bothers me like why did this game not come with anything to help players get into groups to do quests or dungeons, If I was running Blizzard some heads would be on the chopping blocks. This game is the first in the Diablo series where you can see other players out in the world, but that is it just see them. Trying to invite to group is an option, but it does not work for some reason. I think this is the biggest problem with D4 right now.

Endgame Repetitive, I have played all the Diablo games not much of D1, but that is how all of them are. You grind ‘something’ to get faster times or better gear, that’s it. Yes I do think they should have added something new to the base game, some people will play to get max level and then complain, I do not get it personally. I play a handful of other games and when I get bored play another and so on.

Level Scaling, lots of complaints about never feeling your power going up since each time you level the monsters scale up too. This really does not bother me, Diablo is about getting the right recipe of gear, skills, and multipliers to give you the max damage to kill things faster. You can still do this, swap a piece of gear, change of a skill still gives you more damage versus another. In the older Diablo’s the low level non scaling monsters become virtually useless, you have dead zones all over because they are no challenge or have no good drops. It’s no fun farting on a mob and seeing them die, to me actually almost dying if I mess up is better.

Dungeon Nerfs, I have only done a few dungeons and they all look very similar to me. Nerfs have been happening because players have found ways to run them over and over in a way D4 was not supposed to allow. Since I have not played in any groups I have not witnessed it myself, but apparently a group member can leave an active dungeon reset it inviting everyone back to a full dungeon the group kills quickly. Just XP farming, people are going to do this no matter what. These nerfs do not bother me at all, the purpose of the XP farming is to reach max level and farm loot easier. I think this is a player issue and the over consumption of content aka ‘no lifers’.

Trading, I am not a huge trader of gear but D4 has a low level gear option which is basically useless and why it was even made is very questionable.

Well whats my opinion of D4 end game aka playing after Level 50? I want grouping built into the game with no reliance on any 3rd party apps, want more end game activities based on performance like D3 greater rift runs, make gear special again right now gear seems so generic. I think gamers just need to chill and do other things, everything in moderation. Wait I do think Blizzard needs to find some passion and improve this game though too!

When D3 first came out I bought it and did not like it at all, years went by and I played it again. Guess what it is now one of my favorite games of all times games so I expect D4 to improve, greatly would be nice. I am no simp to Blizzard games though, take for instance WoW I played it back in the early 2000’s and it was eventually mashed into some nasty potatoes after WOTLK, especially when the Pandas were added. They can surely fuck up a good thing too.

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