Gaming – Diablo 4 Unlocked World Tier 4 at level 67 Capstone Level 70 Dungeon

Elias is a super tough boss in the 2nd Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 4

To complete this dungeon it is recommended to be at level 70, but many players can do it much earlier. I was playing my level 67 Sorcerer and she can do some decent damage (preferring mobs to chain damage helps) but the Sorc class is heavily reliant on defensive skills. This hurts damage and the defensive skills have long cool downs, at least mine at 22% CDR still does. Really needing much better gear to get the cool downs lower and part of the reason to progress into WT4.

I tried doing this at level 63 = hard fail a couple attempts, level 65 got him down to 20% twice 6-7 attempts probably due to the one 900 armor elixir I used, level 67 25-30 attempt’s with fortitude elixir, was so sure it was gonna be much easier but it wasn’t. Finally got him around the 30th attempt, changed my imprints to do more damage while barrier active 35% on amulet was only gear change, this boss had me looking at all my gear stats more than anything.

I used elixirs on all/level attempts, I had one 900 extra armor elixir when at level 65 which is why I was able to get him low being so buffed, but unfortunately could not find another nor could I craft another. If I would have had that 900 armor elixir at level 67 I think this would have been much smoother it’s super powerful. You can basically never stop moving, the most dangerous Elias attack was the bubble’s on ground for me which spawned adds, died to that the most when my teleport was on cool down and evade doesn’t move you far enough.

I would have to say Elias is the hardest boss I have played against in many years, playing Ninja Gaiden many years ago on Xbox had some insanely hard boss fights and Elias was reminding me of it due all the cussing and nerd rage I did.

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