Gaming – Diablo 4 is for playing part time

Update on my Sorcerer Ice Shards spec, level 76 all Lilith alters but still need a few more points in 1 area for bonus paragon 100% renown. I have lots decent gear, some with low-mid roll stats. Feel the sorc is even more powerful at aoe, getting the skills to pass along the crowd control/frost nova and frostburn gloves to freeze enemies really helped, but still very horrible at solo bosses running around waiting on cool downs. Had my cool downs to 30% but then got a 75% affix to pass along crowd control on amulet but with no CD stats, now CD is 18% its amazing with mobs CD at 18% hurts on bosses.

I play D4 every few days pretty much running the loop of Helltides, World Boss, 2-5 Nightmare Dungeons, and always try to do about 5 things to help finish the renown. Really there isn’t much else for me to do but grind higher levels and get gear with better rolls at this point. This leads me to think D4 is over all a less time consuming game than the previous versions, I really like that because I play a few other games like Sniper Elite 5 which just had the best season pass mission Kracken Awakes come out.

I notice lots of players still complaining about power not seeming to go up, one thing to consider is your paragon board and how you are choosing the skills. I am sure many are just going towards the legendary glyph slots, those other slots can really boost damage. For instance I am getting many that boost my chilled damage since I have about 2 or more ways to chill enemies often this is almost always an active buff and I notice it BIG TIME. Also getting all the extra stats from every Lilith alter is pretty noticeable.

When I used the deep freeze ultimate back in the days it barely did any damage, now it keeps me safe for a few seconds and each tick of the freeze kills mobs themselves on every tick, finally at the end a huge explosion finished any other monster who has spawned or was too far earlier. This was due to chilled damage buff multiplying the damage, I am chilling enemies by wearing boots and when I pop a barrier leaving exploding chilling spikes around all the time.

When Season 1 starts on July 20 2023 I will again play the Sorc, I have not really played any other characters minus a druid just to see how making an alt worked. I want some alts down the road but D4 still needs more ‘something’, it is missing that competitive loop at the end.

Anyway some screenshots of my Sorc, installed a new light box so click on images.

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