Gaming – Diablo 4 Season 1 and the no fun patch 1.1.0 controversy

Season 1, July 20 – October 17 2023

D4 Season 1 Rating 4/10!
The hearts aka gems can be put in colored jewelry slots and give no real noticeable buffs,

Update finished the campaign in seasonal with Barbarian and went to WT3, started the season stuff. The powers on the new colored hearts I’ve gotten so far haven’t been worth a crap. Think I’ve had about 15 of them so far many of them clones with different stat rolls so there could be something good still, besides that there are some new quests but S1 seems pretty lackluster itself. Glad I’m enjoying the Barbarian alt by itself, now at level 53 trying to get the right setup and aspects.

One thing I noticed while doing the campaign in season was not many others were in the world, played a few gathering events and at most 3-4 others would join. It was barren in the campaign world thinking it’s different than skipped version, reason I say this is as soon as I finished campaign and rejoined world lots of people were around everywhere in WT2. Now in world tier 3 most people are 48-60 at highest I’ve seen.

It has been extremely upsetting after a recent patch 1.1.0 of Diablo 4, pretty much every line in the huge list was in some form or another showing these words “damage: reduced” and then the cherry on top “30% CDR increase”. The outrage was all over the D4 official forums so much that some changes have already been reverted with more coming in a future patch.

I chose to only play a Sorc since early release, for a couple days I made a druid (it’s awesome btw) just to see how the alt system worked then deleted it. Now in Season 1 playing a HOTA spec Barbarian and really enjoying my time, decided not to skip the campaign and so going through it again on a fresh character. I think it feels about 40% easier versus the Sorc early game wise, then again I know more about the game now. I played almost 12 hours straight yesterday due to some free time and already most of today, at level 47 currently.

Around levels 20-60 I believe without the better aspects and gear most characters will feel like they are getting weaker as they level. Many complaining mainly about the Sorc and Barbarian which of course are what I usually play, wizard and barb in D3 were my favorites btw. I have been getting legendary gear here and there, but the aspects good enough and are not yet linking together to create the nuke I need.

A note about doing the campaign with a seasonal character, I finished the campaign before the start of Season 1 but decided not to skip the campaign and do it again in the season. If you do this you will not be able to do the malignant stuff until the campaign is completed. You will get jewelry with the new colored gem slots, but you wont be able to get the new special gems. Even if you have completed campaign before, you need to skip if you are wanting to do the seasonal stuff but some things like rewards will still be locked up behind character levels.

The Sorc has a couple new outfits in the shop for the Season start that are the best in the game currently, I did not think the earlier ones were all that exciting. Got the ‘Mother’s Set’ for the Barbarian which is pretty decent looking too, think I have purchased around 5 items from the shop since launch usually when a ‘good’ change to the game was made.

Anyway on YouTube I have been watching this creator in the video below for about a year now, has some of the funniest video edits in D2R and now D4, this video touches on the “no fun patch 1.1.0” and is done well so check it out.

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