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TLDR Just play a speedy Twisted Blades Rogue to do all the seasonal unlocks much quicker

I like many have not been enjoying Diablo 4’s season 1 very much, the lackluster malignant hearts didn’t do much for my Barbarian. The leveling is slow, nerfs happened and patches take way to long to ‘fix’ things Blizzard breaks. To put it simply the game is harder if you are not playing the best character aka the meta most powerful. However leveling very early is fun and might be better with a faster moving character.

So after playing PoE and other games I decided to finally play a meta class ‘Rogue’ ‘Twisted Blades’ spec in D4, and can tell you it certainly is a huge improvement on leveling speed, good single and aoe damage even early on, faster movement speed than others, and finally it has useful malignant heart uses. One malignant heart I have really liked was one that put a clone out and taunted enemies, this works way better than expected because all monsters even ranged will walk right up to the clone where you can set a poison trap and watch them all die fairly quick just from it alone. Nearly a pixel pull right there.

Even though this class spec is a meta, it doesn’t change the fact that D4 is still pretty boring.

Anyway about an hour of playing I was already at level 21 and unlike other classes it keeps improving each level and not flat lining. Here is another good example, while playing you might run into some events where you are supposed to help some people usually 3 of them and it has a mastery bonus if you can keep all three of these people alive while waves of monsters attack them. Well with all my other classes I could never keep all of them alive, maybe 1 might still be alive sometimes on my 76 Sorc. Well nearly every time with the Rogue it was extremely easy to get the bonus mastery, keeping all three alive at end gives you more loot from each of them then a loot chest.

The movement speed of Rogue greatly helps clearing the crappy walk back and forth dungeons in D4

Trying to do that on my hota barb was impossible and that just isn’t right at all, Sorc can save 1 maybe later with many good aspects. The Rogue was doing that right from the start and every time after. So in conclusion I would highly recommend forgetting any other class and just play a Rogue for Season 1 of D4, go unlock all the seasonal stuff like the ashes (by gaining levels faster) which will unlock bonus xp and elixir duration etc., do the renown, move up world tiers much quicker. The speed of the Rogue is built into many of the talents for the Twisted Blades spec you can find on, it helps big time especially in those super annoying back tracking dungeons.

I even used this technique in D3 for seasons by using a monk and would get the cruddest boots early and by about level 21-27 the water ally spec comes alive and would hyper speed level. Later I would then have everything for the season done and could play an alt which was powered up much better from paragon and gear from the monk.

D4 Season 1 best classes Necromancer and Rogue

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