Gaming – Diablo 4 enjoying the Eternal realm

There are many players on the Eternal realm too!

Yeap Season 1 was obviously not worth the effort, I do have 3 characters in S1 one a barb level 67 but got tired of the process and never got ‘The Barber’ heart which makes all characters come alive in S1. So I went back to the Eternal realm where btw all characters are sent after a season is finished and am having fun playing my Sorc again. I was level 76 a couple days ago and now 80, a few new drops I have been toying with one being a weapon ‘ The Oculus’ with +15 ranks of teleport and evade teleport passive proc which is sick, I’m basically zooming all over the screen. This is very helpful when the exploding or charging monsters come flying in.

The problem with D4 is it’s lack of… plenty of stuff we get it. I think the real issue was having the game release in June and mid July starting Season 1, most people did not have time to fully play a character to the end no matter what might not be left to do.

Just go play your eternal character if you didn’t reach level 100 is my advice. If you don’t make it to 100 when S2 starts keep playing eternal too. I will try out S2 which btw should have a major change before mainly due to resistances which do not work at all, you have gear with worthless resistance stats now unbelievable.

D4 The Oculus
D4 The Oculus

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