History – September 11

The day still haunts me, I saw those towers often working in Manhattan and Jersey as a young man. That morning I was awakened to my computer making excessive noises, they were beeps from IRC users on my IRCX network OZMatrix spamming the channel which alerted me as an admin. It was a few minutes after the first plane hit, I had just woken up on my couch due to being up all night working on the network. I turned on the TV and watched the day like so many others, it was horrible.

One of the IRC users was a lady reporter from upstate NY that I was close to, she would later interview many survivors and family of many of the victims. We would talk all night and she told me many of the stories she was working on, she later died herself just a few years later from an unrelated cause, her name was Laura.

During the day watching every news station and also watching activity on many big IRC networks where I got lots of my intel, the digital underground was booming with activity like I have never seen before. Many Middle East based IRC channels were locked, hackers were attacking any country or user with a Middle East based connection. USA based channels were flooded with many well wishers showing their respects by many. Then news reports of Pakistan people cheering and burning USA flags were being shown and it kept the digital war going on.

This video captures a moment in time when a man is on the phone with 911 and trying to get help, but the tower collapsed during the phone call.

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