mIRC – technique v5.2.8 out and update news

Download newest script here!

Recent update v5.2.8 adds the new /schemer command, this will open a dialog with some new color scheme functionality. This is v1.2 and will be an addon release soon, still in beta due to ‘delete’ functionality not being enabled, but you can use the reset all schemes for now. You can now import color schemes a bit easier, change fast, create random, control fonts, reset screw ups, more soon like mass import from your recent export or other file. Note the ‘Rename’ feature works for any selected scheme now, the dialog has changed a bit from the screenshot below. The ‘Share’ function will copy a line of mIRC script code with your currently activated scheme, any mIRC user with recent version can use the //command you can paste into a channel or message window to get your color scheme. I will be adding a couple more options for the share function to show just the scheme settings or for the script line plus scheme settings.

Recently I was thinking a full rewrite was needed v5.3+, but after making a new hash system this was really the only main feature that needed the rewrite. This system is nearly finished and allows more flexible usage all over the script, some small edits will still need to be made throughout the old code. These are so I can add on/off switches in a new setting dialog, new stat/info features, and more. The hash system is an always running database with external saving and even new backup features.

Planned updates some almost ready

  1. Dialogs, I have a main settings dialog with multiple tabs setup expect to see that, and a few more smaller ones.
  2. After settings dialog is added many popups will be removed, many new on/ff switches for custom script settings in dialogs.
  3. Fserv enhanced options, I don’t use this much but know it can be useful. Channel ad, response, list of files, user access options. Simple to start.
  4. Replacement of hash table memory system, recently upgraded almost done new features.
  5. After hash system upgrade a new system wide status with accumulating stats that get very detailed and have useful info.
  6. Arps bot/function upgraded, too many things to list.
  7. Many tweaks to current functions.
  8. ADDED SOME, New color scheme add/reset/import functions.
  9. Backup auto features, mainly for main script and some files.

2 thoughts on “mIRC – technique v5.2.8 out and update news”

  1. I loaded up the file and a warning came up about initialization, is this normal? Someone recommended this download to me but I am not great with code.

    • The initialization popup is a default warning for mIRC, it’s there to warn you about loading random scripts from the internet. You can press ‘OK’ and accept to load the file, if you would like some more automated features for mIRC the script is harmless as is.

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