mIRC – Schemer v1.2.1, almost fully functional

Schemer stills needs to properly add custom color palettes when importing scheme settings, the way it is now will just add the base colors. With some adjustments to the current functions and a little logic when a scheme code is added it will always assume a custom palette is needed, some schemes are fine without but mIRC always creates one anyway.

One of the goals with the random scheme generator is to have some user selected tweaks, for instance you could select a base color like blue and schemer could generate a monochromatic version and then all text in various contrasting shades of another color or not. I think this feature would make schemer a bit more useful along with the import features. A few months ago I saw a huge list of color schemes in .ini format but no easy way to just import them all including current schemes, that was the base reason for creating this.

I really want this addon to just create schemes and palettes all on its own using the generator, this makes things so much easier. One reason this is all very tricky is mIRC has a command /color -l and it must be used in a few functions, it also sorts the scheme names by first letter. I have not yet seen how the palettes section reacts when schemes move order, assuming the palettes are mirrored to the n0 number as they were added. This is important due to schemers rename/delete/import features.

The addon has come along nicely, finding ways to make the delete functions work while using the mirc.ini was a tad tricky but found a way to stop some minor bugs. List of things it can do below. I have not yet released the addon, but it will be included in the next technique script update and the addon released soon after.

ADDED into ‘Options’ menu ‘Import .ini’ Note I may add another ‘Import’ feature to import .ini style schemes, quite a few large lists online.

Schemer v1.2.1

  1. Add scheme codes one by one like Monochrome State,1,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,1,15,1,15,15,15,14,1,15,97
  2. Import a text file of scheme codes on separate lines, click and pick the file. You won’t need to sort the names, mIRC will do it.
  3. Import a .ini file of color schemes just like the mirc.ini, go to ‘Options’ and select ‘Import .ini’
  4. Randomly generate wild color schemes, plus option to generate random font on generation
  5. Rename any scheme, also a method to save any RandomScheme_ that was generated.
  6. Delete all RandomSchemes, click it to clean up all those funky schemes. Remember to ‘Rename’ any you want to save first.
  7. Quick random font button and + – size
  8. Share your current scheme to anyone using mIRC, this copies a script code you paste into a channel or message window. The other user can enter the long command and will have a new color scheme, they can find it without this addon by pressing alt+k, looking to add another share strong soon.
  9. Delete a single scheme
  10. Some error checking in all functions
  11. Don’t forget to view the ‘Options’ menu in upper left for a few more things.
  12. More improvements and additions possible
mIRC Color Scheme Addon Importer

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