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Update due to changes to the Yogg card this deck is not as potent before, I wouldn’t use it.

Priest deck, Wild mode, annoying AF! I made this after crafting Rivendare and wanting massive control of the board, aka annoying fing priest. Good against most popular decks, no other class can clone Yogg like a priest and it’s real irritating. Most dangerous decks have been high damage weapon or hunter hero power spam, could swap in a few more heal cards, I have a 1 cost minion heal on damage card that is very replaceable. People are quite surprised to see it get used real early as I’m cloning Yoggs,

UPDATE, many opponents will outright quit after seeing Yogg appear 4+ times, changed 1 mana cost Power Word Glory for 3 mana Grace of the Highfather which heals plus can discover a spell on over heal.

Deck code below, copy code string, create new deck and it should prompt you to paste.


This deck uses the new Yogg-Saron Unleashed card mainly to aggravate the opponent forcing enemy minions to attack each other for the zoo bros, the Rivendare deathrattle card is the main kill opponent strat to this two minion only deck. Deck is full of offensive aoe and single target control, a 2x forge card to duplicate minions in the deck is used to create multiple Yoggs, possible to have 8+ Yoggs if rng on discover spells from deck work out. Save your Rivendare for later in game when you can safely put on board then destroy/copy it not allowing opponent hex/sheep it. If you have played this correctly you will be able to pull out the minions and after all four have been played win.

Use the 4x discover spells in your deck spells to find Palm Reading to discount all spells like Shadow Essence, and even discover more useful spells. The deck is all spells, I’m an average gold player but since setting it up today won 8/10 matches so far. This deck is revenge mainly for any zoo decks with lots of minions, wear them out. If you encounter mill rogues or druids this ain’t a problem unless you do not have Rivendare in hand yet, keep hand with free space if it’s down to the horseman card draws.

Things to watch out for are those dirty rats and the steam cleaners, this is why the forge duplicate minion card is a good option. So you are playing the mill deck or the warlock zoo, the opponent is emoting like crazy you appear to run out of cards or they have buffed minions filling the board. Guess what NO PROBLEM, hit that emote ‘The light shall burn you’ and watch their board highlights go wtf? With the ability to spam multiple Yoggs you can often beat most with it alone, I’ve had about 6 duplicate Yoggs in a game. Once you have multiple Yoggs bait the opponent with a few, you have the offensive spells to wipe the board many times.

A cool thing is the shaman spell that shoots 3 beams to change minions to lower cost one, forget name won’t change a Yogg or it hasn’t in a couple of my games. When playing Yogg and selecting his power I rarely use the tentacles unless my hand is super empty, those spells can screw you with randomness.

TIPS forge the two duplicate cards ‘Creation Protocol’ and try getting them in starting hand, duplicate Yoggs you get to choose. Never have Yogg in opening hand if you can, game will be much harder, with so many spells your Yoggs will cost 0 mana pretty quick. Never play the Rivendare deathrattle card until you can kill it yourself with shadow word or can duplicate a copy with seance.

RivenYogg Hearthstone

Copy the code below and paste into Hearthstone by creating a new deck.


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