mIRC – technique v5.3.0 released and update news

Download newest script here!

A single scheme string makes things easier to manage schemes!

Schemer v1.2.3+ planned changes below

  1. Turbo boost performance, rewrite a couple troublesome functions.
  2. Hash table for a few functions.
  3. Enable favorites, this will have option showing a hand full of schemes you can quickly select.
  4. Import single scheme from large file option.
  5. Package as addon once all of the above is complete
  6. Smart color based generate random scheme
  7. Font/font size/scheme saving for personal themes

Technique v5.3.0 has been released with the new BETA /schemer v1.2.2, it has everything working except the new ‘favorite’ button which is a simple add for later. Schemer still needs lots of optimization, editing color scheme with an in use file has quite a few issues so work around code was made. This effects performance if you have lots of color schemes like 200+ and use any function that edit/creates/deletes due to the huge process in the background.

Added quite a few more new features and added more functionality to existing to make managing a bit easier. Really hate putting out a non optimized script, but it works pretty good as is in BETA form. While making schemer I used a huge file of schemes in testing it from this post https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/264467/4. Use this direct link https://pastebin.com/raw/eJb0yxnK and select all the scheme information or right click save page as mirc_color_schemes.ini someplace (name not important but save as a .ini), then import in schemer , simple. The ‘Delete+’ new function was made just for this list of schemes, this will trim down your schemes with similar names like ‘SchemeBlack’, ‘SchemeBlack2’, and ‘SchemeBlack2’ etc.

Schemer v1.2.2 is beta now everything is functional except new Favorite button. I have noticed a slow down when having 300+ schemes and using RandomScheme function, the way this addon adds scheme is super un optimized . A minor change to ‘Rename’ function is it will create a new copy with updated name.

Updated dialog v1.2.2

schemer_1.2.2b mIRC color schemes
; A Schemer converted color scheme, this can be re imported in standard mIRC format [colors] [palettes]
; I decided to use : as divider as it was often used in CSS and seemed to work well


Planned updates some almost ready

  1. Dialogs, I have a main settings dialog with multiple tabs setup expect to see that, and a few more smaller ones.
  2. After settings dialog is added many popups will be removed, many new on/ff switches for custom script settings in dialogs.
  3. Fserv enhanced options, I don’t use this much but know it can be useful. Channel ad, response, list of files, user access options. Simple to start.
  4. Replacement of hash table memory system, recently upgraded almost done new features.
  5. After hash system upgrade a new system wide status with accumulating stats that get very detailed and have useful info.
  6. Arps bot/function upgraded, too many things to list.
  7. Many tweaks to current functions.
  8. ADDED SOME, color scheme options
  9. Backup auto features, mainly for main script and some files.

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