Gaming – Updated Diablo 4 faster performance meta setting MacBook Pro 16 with Intel on boot camp Win10 or other PC’s.

Performance really changed now AMD FSR 1.0

Update on around Oct 3 2023 a new Radeon Pro upgrade came out, but it really didn’t help my performance and nothing has changed. Hold on a second but in Diablo 4 I noticed a new option in the ‘Performance’ area and enabled ‘AMD FSR 1.0’ and another new option selection I selected ‘Performance’. Changed nothing else but these and night and day improved performance, less stuttering the game runs 200% smoother on the MacBook Pro 16 Intel with Windows 10k on bootcamp. I really notice the better performance when riding fast on the horse mount at full speed. Check out this new screenshot below of the options.

Season 2 is totally fast and running great for the most part, it isn’t perfect though.

AMD FSR 1.0 totally changed how Diablo 4 performs.

Below is the old information pre Oct 2023

With this info you should have a performance base point and then be able to raise graphical settings until performance slows down.

I am now running this game smooth as butter for a over week now, I have all settings to low, any setting that increases performance is either chosen depending on which one increases performance for enable/disable options. Now this all helped a tiny bit, still the game performance felt sluggish on my 2019 Macbook Pro 16 inch with i9 using boot camp in Windows 10.

It was after I changed the rendering resolution that this game woke up and my FPS nearly tripled. Also now you may be able to bump up some of the quality settings to make the game look a bit prettier one by one to find a good balance. Performance wise it’s as fast as D3 plays on same computer. In the D4 settings you can run lower graphical settings and make them look better by raising the option for ‘Sharpening’ that is set low by default. This is just like a photo or video editing option so use a bit I’d recommend around 30%, alternatively you can lower it and get a more glow look.

Another change was in the AMD Radeon™ PRO Series Graphics app I ENABLED ‘OpenGL Triple Buffering’, an alternative vsync mode. This was mainly for other apps on my system and not D4 but I just mentioned it anyway.

TLDR in D4 turn all options to low and choose to enable/disable any option that will increase performance, then set the ‘Performance’ settings like shown in the image below. This is a good starting point to find a good balance, then you can raise some quality settings one by one until you you find any that slow performance and reset them. Adjust sharpening setting to get more quality 30% is usually decent.

The settings are shown below in the screenshot image.

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