mIRC – Schemer addon coming soon

If you haven’t seen this it’s already in my technique mIRC script, Schemer is a handy dialog with new ways to ‘edit’ add/delete/rename/export/import mass color schemes. It’s fully functional packed with features and options, performance wise it’s pretty fast but will start slowing down if you have a 200+ color schemes. To be clear the performance slows down when doing any ‘edit’ as mentioned above.

I have been trying to find new ways to speed things up and have only increased performance a tiny bit, right now it uses multiple file writes with multiple loops. This is due to how mIRC stores color schemes in two separate sections/topics [colors] and [palettes] , you can’t just edit one or the other both have to be linked and then adjusted to properly work with the default mIRC commands. My system combines [colors] and [palettes] into a single line and then we save/edit/delete from a file and then re import a new edited to both relevant mIRC sections.

I have tried a hand full of methods to edit color schemes and always have the palettes match the proper color scheme but it is super tricky, plus mIRC has some built in safety features that reset color schemes, auto sort scheme names, and other things. This sort feature really messed the addon up when I wasn’t checking if [palettes] were still matched to the correct scheme name.

I have decided after using schemer flawlessly for over a month to release it with a couple new changes/additions soon. The version will be v1.2.3.

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