mIRC Scripting – technique

Since the mid 1990’s up until 2005 I coded scripts in mIRC, created a ton of things. Favorites were protection bots and various utilities. I learned to code with this back in the day and became very fluent with networking due to loving bot nets. In 2021 I decided to play around again and updated my very last single file simple full script “technique”. It’s available to download here (save file as technique.mrc) with a built in updater, there will be more updates. The script is not harmful and just made to make things easier while on IRC and alert you to things you might of missed.

This is for use in the most modern up to date mIRC versions, a Windows IRC application. A few of my favorite scripts I made back in the day.

  1. technique(x), ircx full script with .exe installer and fancy graphics
  2. technique lag bar, a decent lag animated bar for connection latency
  3. txt2chr, snippet to convert text to chr
  4. rsizesnd, used to cut music clips out of long streams to .mp3 files
  5. techamp, a full picture window .mp3 player with playlist options, very hard to make from scratch
  6. technique script, a simple utilty full script in one file with modular abilities. When loaded the single file became many separate files, this was an older concept and was replaced by the current single file script.
  7. technique logview, advanced searching log system in dialog
  8. MServers, custom servers dialog with user contributed server additions with its own updater
  9. ARPS, Automatic Response Protection System, cloned socket or remote bot or huge bot net with ircx mode features too