Pagination - I am trying a couple ways to add it.

I do not have Pagination coded on this site, there are many ways to do this as well. I was thinking do it my main query data dump, but then thats not optimal since doing true pagination actually optimizes the overall site speed. You basically just ask the server to send just a specific amount and data instead of asking for all of it which could be huge.

I really need this function here to make this blog system more useable, I do have a self deleting post option here but I use it rarely. You may have noticed the posts have a keyword now to start each post, this is just for testing now. I am trying to create a more 'on the fly' category/tag in one, it's a concept basically. So say you did a search in the future here the query would do a few levels of actual data parsing and what it asks for from the server, just like pagination.

One thing I did not like about WordPress is how messy a site can get over time with categories and tags, especially tags. I am just looking for something more adaptive to the sites various subject matter.

Anyway I have a small few test scripts so you might see some errors pop up on the live site, I believe I will try having a minimal 'start next prev end' buttons, but who the hell knows yet. Then images which is much easier actually.