On March 8 2021 I finished a lesson on PHP MVC with PDO.

It was to create a framework and then an app to run off of it. The completed project was a more basic version of this site, in the past few weeks I’ve been adding lots of stuff and changing the system. I can now say for sure that I no longer need to use WordPress for my own blogging sites. I will still use it for quick setups, this system still needs to grow and lacks many features that even I like to use. That's the point of me blogging here all the time, is to continue using my own system and creating the features as I find I need them.

This site is being designed for anyone to use, as is right now anyone who can do a manual Wordpress install can easily set this up too. My goal for this project is for my own personal learning and now I’m seeing this place as an accomplishment. The site is nothing special compared to other CMS system like WordPress, but it’s mine and I’ll be sure to add my touch of homemade system tools. Right now my ideas are seemingly unending, nothing is too stupid or out of reach.