I wonder how many times the CSS will be remade here? Then a security rant.

Definitely have many issues with my CSS here, working on that. It's a goal to make css part of some built in functions, meaning it can be dynamic, but first I have to get much better at standard layouts. For people who do not understand this site uses PHP, you cannot see this code because once you view the site the PHP parser creates html out of the php code. So it's possible to then create php that specifically modifies the html that's created depending on many factors. This is probably why I love php so much, it's dynamic. So then it's also possible to put php in many other things, like CSS and make that dynamic as well. When doing this though you will run across different new issues.

That's the value of knowing how a system like WordPress heavily influences this sites design, example hard coding a menu is being too minimal. I prefer a page in the sites admin to be able to create menus and have it spit out a newly made menus etc. with options. I keep asking myself what I dislike about WP the most? For me it was the media system, that's the gaping hole with WP as a photographer with lots of photos. Funny right now because I have zero media abilities besides links or embeds here. I don't even have categories made for content here anywhere, but that will eventually come. I make some new stuff try it out and many times the "oh that's why WP does this" happens.

Another HUGE thing is the 'plug-in' bloat in WP, you'll want more features to your site so you install these plugins, some free some paid. Problem is many have ads, reminders, design issues, bugs, update routines that slow down the sites entire 'check for updates' system. Plain and simple bloat, that's the biggest reason I made my own site right there, I'm free from the bloat and issues from multiple third party developers. Many times these can be any Joe Smoe who just learned to code and isn't on solid ground yet, yea you are their test subjects lol. Oh wow this section became a rant, so here's another reason I'm glad I no longer need WP with third party plugins.

Support, say a feature is not working you reach out let them know of the issues and THE RESPONSE will most likely be..... wait for it.... Developer** 'give me an admin account to bug check' yes they want the keys to your entire site, customer data, etc. Now let me tell you this, NEVER EVER GIVE A DEVELOPER ADMIN ACCESS. With a few lines of code even if you have 'limited' their access in WP, it's extremely simple to over ride and create a new 'shadow' admin, just like how a plug-in can be installed to 'backup' your site one can be installed and your entire sites data is theirs, this just makes it so much easier having a higher level of access. You can search for mu-plugin developers use to bypass 'your hardened site', its about 5-10 lines of code in that plugin or very tiny. I often built a dummy site if I did need help and erased it right after an issue was diagnosed or the feature was simply removed. The guise of support is the biggest threat, make a virus sell anti virus software etc....

With that rant behind me, if I ever make any of my software available for you to use my support is this 'something doesn't work, wait for an update or use something else'. It's what I'd do.

Doing some grid layouts is coming, I am using flex box currently which has issues with the way I am using it. That's a cool thing is the entire sites appearance is on one file, swap that file for a new look.