Chess - Intense to the end come back win Brazil vs USA

Wow this was a tough game, but amazingly fun. I was getting my butt kicked and blundered a few times, lost a Knight very early too on move 6 forgetting about the bishop backline. I was losing my Queen due to blunders a bunch before this game vs the computer which I do warmups on, so I was thinking about it more. I rely on Knights for lots of aggressive attack's 'usually', maybe it was a good thing I lost one early because I had to think a bit harder?

Notice my one aggressive knight going for his Queen around move 25 in the big traffic jam mid, yeap lol. It was looking real bad for me around the 33rd move after all that traffic cleared a little. Then move 51 was the dagger, game was under a minute left for my opponent, I had about 20 more seconds on my clock than opponent. Having a rook vs opponents bishop is a big advantage, so the opponent was a good sport and resigned.

I am playing the black pieces, opponent resigns with just a few seconds left in the 10 minutes per player rapid game. Typically play Rapid 10 minute games, play 20 minutes too but for some reason the matchmaker system gives me lots of higher ranks, some 3-4x higher than mine. Maybe because 20 minutes is custom on I am not sure.

Note you can click on the movement notes to the right of the Chess board to see the ones I mentioned above. I should actually write some Javascript to hook into these for comment links.