Info - Experimenting with some plain PHP and Playing Chess

I wrote a new little user activity tracker you may have noticed on the previous plain white version of this site recently. It is being made to add into any PHP based website and some more features and alerts are being added. I was doing some Laravel, but then decided I really wanted to just do more Vanilla PHP code projects. I created a new index and it was blank to start, about 98 lines of code later the OOP style activity tracker was running. Just trying to increase my muscle memory for coding those things, in particular PDO style setups without referring to any help.

In late May I decided since I am a constant gaming enthusiast I needed a smarter game to play often instead of just the stuff I like. I had recently bought a handful of Steam games and really like all of them, but none really had me thinking very hard. BTW these games Fallout 4 and Sniper Elite 4 are two I freaking love and recommend, it will take me years to play through since I play very off and on. I have never learned Chess so I decided I wanted to learn it and joined as a paying member. Woah once I learned how to move all the pieces properly and saw how deep the games get I was hooked. It will take years to even be decent at it, I am rated on at 250-300 as of now.

I am fine with getting my ass handed to me, I take the lessons daily, do puzzles (which are super good), and watch good players play. I noticed I was playing my games fast, not thinking enough moves ahead and my piece awareness has been horrible. Now in the past week I started beating people with twice my rating when playing a tad slower (10 or 20 minute rapid games help you workout that mind muscle). Recognizing patterns really helps with speed if you want that and so puzzles really work that part out.

It's now where I see that using a good pawn structure and setting up possible trades creates your next moves depending on what the other player does with your lead. Every move is best thought as 'so what is this person up to now?' type of thing, you are using tactics to try getting things done your way if possible. Anyway if you have never played Chess that scene is really fun with never ending learning. Id love to get above 1k rating, I have yet to play on a board its just been online.