Chess - Tough competition game 2 vs the 'Rook' destroyer.

Me and this American opponent played a game 1 before this match that ended in a draw, then game 2 was on. I knew his opening tactic from first game, bishop to attack rook path that actually worked, check move 4 'Bb7' diagonal towards my Rook then my move response on move 5 early 'Castle'. Sure enough was trying same thing on game 2, but I was not about to let it happen again. Note opponent had both their bishops lined up for my Rooks and would clear the path if allowed. Opponent got into serious trouble by mid game as I was connecting Queen and Rook attacks, this win made me so happy and gained big rank points.

How you like that sweet trap at move 40 :)

I am playing the white pieces, and this was a kick ass game.