mIRC - My technique script file download

I will add a link to one of the pages, someone sent a mail asking for the link. Its listed below, right click save as and remember where you save it. Uses the newest version of mIRC (Windows only).

To install make sure you have mIRC installed first. Open mIRC then press shortcut to scripts editor Alt+R then Control+L to load the file, browse to where you saved it, select it and press open. Accept the initialization warning, it should install and you will have new menu options. Close the scripts editor and go to 'Commands' tab > TECHINQUE, in there it has some automated news and a readme file that downloads with more usage tips and some will clean up your default mIRC popups e.g. /fixpopups

I will update this script from time to time, I originally made this with more stuff back in 1999 - 2005, it was recently code refactored in 2021 to work with the newest mIRC v7.64+ and I had to delete quite a few fancy things. Its a light weight utility script with an active hash memory system that will be extended. As with everything I create some easter egg commands are in there, you might find clues to them in the script notices.

Note once this script is installed you can check for new updates manually under the Command menu, it will update the script for you if you approve it.

URL: https://systemrcb.com/technique/technique.mrc