Chess - I knew I'd rank up a bunch today.

Link to my Chess page added below.

I haven't played many live games the last few days, but I have been playing the computer ranked characters on Currently Maria and Elena give me a hard time both being 1200's, I have however beat twice by checkmate, drawn three times, lost about 45 games. So yea I'm getting my ass handed to me, usually by aggressive checkmates. From 1100 rated bots to 1200 is a HUGE difficulty change. I can hit 50% or better win rate vs the 1100. So besides these harder bot games I've done some lessons, took a couple days off from lessons to play GTA V online.

So today I decided to play some live games vs real world opponents, my rank was 338 and about two hours later 406, quite a leap in points for a day. Had some neat games, one trolling person who started talking really dumb trash once they got my Queen on a blunder and ended up in a draw, they played themself with a huge advantage and couldn't finish it off. One lesson is never get cocky in these games, it sounded like I was playing an immature person from France who was hating on USA. So after that I got on fire and hit my biggest winning streak which is sitting at 6 in a row.

Weaknesses with my games:
1. Check mate vision, I am not seeing check mates quick enough.
2. Playing too fast, it happens I make my move after checking all the angles but sometimes i over look.
3. Experience, it's been about 6-7 weeks since I started playing chess there is so much to learn.
4. Board vision, in the next few days I will be working on my board memory and notations more.
5. I need to play on a real chessboard, playing on the computer has many helping features that automate not moving. I feel I need to
properly learn them manually. When you start playing online and do not understand things like being checked and you cannot move
other pieces, this is the computer helping you out.
6. Tactics, mine are very minimal. I play very random openings and they have been developing each rank level but once into the mid game I
feel I'm more defensive and probably missing out on some mates aka mate vision. I will say though that I have been doing some decent traps
in a few of my recent games, I could see how my opponent quickly gobbled up the bait and missed the direction I was settings, it's an awesome feeling.

Anyway I am really enjoying chess, I have noticed it has helped with my memory, less brain farts.