Chess - Getting close to 500 quickly.

Today I played a bunch, started with some games where I was playing way too fast in 10 minute rapid and not fully studying the board. So lost a bunch of early games and got down to a 391 rank, so after that I woke up and went on the current best 8 game win streak against many higher level players and got up to my best rank of 470. The early mistakes were those typical blunders that right as soon as you move a piece you know you just fucked up, I was doing really stupid things, I love to play fast so I think this will happen from time to time.

Usually when I screw up and play too fast its the opponents bishop that gets me, hiding in the far corner sneaky bishops. There is a move where you have a bishop behind a pawn and once the moment is right try to move the pawn or other piece in a manner that does not alert the other player you are gonna strike, its a misdirection. Many times this will be moving a pawn forward to attack a Knight and then opponent moves Knight to safety but was not recognizing the real move is the bishop that has been carefully aimed at a Queen or Rook usually for those juicy points.

Chess is not just about the pieces, there is a strategy of moving fast I have used. If you have some safe plays try moving them real fast, lots of times the other player will match your tempo and screw up. This is a perfect method for setting up one of the bishop misdirects or other tricky moves. Mind games!

On the it shows my best rank as being 1039, but when you create a new account as diamond member you start at 0 games ranked at 1200. So somehow I got lucky and won a match when my rank was 1039 and it stuck, but its not accurate at all. You will bottom out if you are a new player like I did. I have been playing GTA V Online quite a bit too, I bought a jet and harass people in the city.

Last match of July 8 2021, I am playing the black pieces. The opponent was super aggressive and trying to quick checkmate with Queen, but I put up a fight and other player resigned. The very last move I have their king and a rook forked with my knight, that was the last straw for them I guess. If they would have continued I would have had one rook with knight and then started cleaning up with the Queen while making my lazy rook come out to play. Having an opponents knight and Queen on your back line is pretty terrifying. 🤓

What was the scariest piece at this endgame for me? Their Knight was a huge threat to my Queen so I was very cautious.