GTA V - Online play

I recently started playing this after watching some funny twitch and youtube videos. Playing on PC definitely has it's disadvantages due to modders, but it's still a great deal of fun. I have found running a Nightclub and doing some of the free mode events to be the most chill way to earn money, purpose to earn money in the game for ammo that runs low all the time. I bought a few shark cards and have the starter dlc, flying the Jet when the session is crowded is lots of fun and killing oppressors.

It never gets old, you're chilling on the street and you see someone coming your direction in a car or bike and you know a drive by is about to happen. Some well planned c4 explosive on a couple corners is too much fun as the trap.

First day I played some turd on an oppressor mk2 was camping me and I had only a pistol that was out of ammo lol. Anyway I think ill get me another windows laptop for all these games I'm loving lately. One the reasons I am enjoying the games more now is due to buying a gaming keyboard and mouse which made a big difference.

Still none of these video games compares to Chess, but I always have some side game.

Things I have noticed, fyi I am a rank 34 very low still so lots of things have not been unlocked or played yet:
1. Arcades are worthless so far
2. Having multiple drug labs is too much work/grinding
3. Nightclub with max entrance fee is easy money, will have to promote the club often though as popularity lessens
4. Oppressors mk2 are usually noobs, but they are super handy for getting around the city faster
5. Get an armored car first, best vehicle for drive by and heists
6. Motorcycles in the city are lots of fun
7. Buying the 6.5 million Jet is super expensive but has its moments and is super scary if one is hunting you
8. Counterfeit money business is easier than drugs it seems, but very close
9. Use helicopter when you can for shipments, got one free with dlc I bought
10. If you get session booted or low players are on its a perfect time to run business shipments then change session

Yea some of that stuff is duh, but I am just learning it.

When I play it seems I am just trying to get my businesses stocked up/promoted then free mode thug the rest of the time. Of course I have had my supplies jacked many times by the other players, which usually creates the next free mode war.