Chess - When will I hit a plateau?

It's gonna happen, already thinking about it. In programming it happened a bunch of times, right now I am over a hump but focusing on Chess. I usually just find a new method of learning when I stagnate on something or ask myself if it's still interesting to me to push pass or move on. Thing with Chess rating is many will associate rating with overall intelligence and that screws you more ways than one, yes it may be a good sign but overall experience is the main factor. Chess at first is about patterns, each game gets burned in and over time I am sure you'll remember great detail even better.

I have watched some Grand Masters setup a chess board immediately with both players pieces to describe a game, it's really amazing how well they remember the games. So when you watch players do very fast moving games it's more pattern then experience, slower game more experience after seeing a quick pattern.

Educated guess? I am gonna say once I hit 1000 rating in rapid (+10 minute games) I'll hit a speed bump, maybe 800, is it even important? To me yes it is, I am EXTREMEMLY competitive in fact I have not been very fired up in anything for awhile. I'd like to play in some tournaments and do well, this means 1200+ at the minimum. I joined a chess club a month ago but have yet to play in the weekly online tournaments.

Competition is usually the BEST way for me to push pass a plateau.