Gaming - Opinion about online gaming in general.

I am a sucker for online action games, but usually after awhile see through them. Most online video games I play have some sort of grind that is not so apparent at first. For some reason though it's what most people like playing, are these fun or just work? MMO games are like this and why I usually avoid them.

If you play a game with the phrase "balancing" said often by the devs, be ready for disappointment it will never happen. It's marketing for each new thing, more power, more QQ, balance, rinse and repeat.

This really brings to light how damn good a game like Chess is, no upgrades, no in game money, no DLC, no monthly changes to rules or balancing. Plus you are actually thinking and it has many other benefits. I actually get tired mentally while playing Chess, something that doesn't happen when playing mindless action games haha. I have tried to just play single player games or older ones I know that are done with development and wont change much.

GTA V Online has been a blast, but it has a grind to it due to its in game economy (everything is too expensive to maintain) and ranking system. What's the point, I was just thinking out loud.