Chess - Hit 500+ and it's been tougher

Past couple days I was playing badly, after each match there is an option to have the computer analyze each play. On many of my losses I missed a key attack which lead to a big capture aka Queen or Rook. That function is so damn valuable and worth the diamond memberships unlimited use. My opponents were 350-690 ish rankings lately so a bit tougher as well. One thing a real player is usually much tougher than a bot of same ranking, this often leads many players to being arrogant and chatting something stupid, most end up losing to me when that happens,

Today was the first time I had a partial match in my head, playing some common openings just using memory of board coordinates. This is something I plan to do lots of and really helps with thinking patterns, There are spots on the board that by name and piece just usually have bad results, knowing this is an advantage.

Anyway I hit 511 rank, I was going up and down but finally hit 503 lost some then won some to get up there. If people are wanting to play against me I am usually online later after 10pm cst, usually just studying and doing lessons. Due to my work travel sometimes my wifi is crappy so I have disconnected and lost matches, I'm sitting there thinking my opponent is taking forever but I lagged out and lost 😡

Typically I'll warmup playing the bots or doing tactics/puzzles then I'll play a few real players doing rapid 10 minute matches.