Web - Maybe I should use subdomains.

I never create subdomains, I usually end up just buying more new domains. I believe I need to stop buying so many domains and use sub domains, NAH FUCK THAT. Lol but I will use a sub domain for this .io domain since it is wayyyyyy more expensive, use it for my learning stuff I made and some projects I can link here to. Due to the way this site is made I cannot just load the projects on this site unless I hook them in, so a sub domain is much better with a simple link index page made. Oh yea I swear I am not a domain squatter, if the domains are available I just buy them cause I like the name or I can use it even if its just a redirect.

I did get a complaint by some 'person' that I bought a domain they previously owned, if it expired and I had it bookmarked as I often due I might buy it.