Chess - I feel honored, some turd cheated.

I have no idea what game it was but some cheater got caught. Received a notification and regained +7 points due to a "fair play violation" aka someone used a chess engine to make moves versus little ole me. That's the first time since joining the site I've matched up versus a cheater "that I know of". They have it automated to check games like how you can analyze your own games, not sure of all the details but woah.

Apparently this happens a bunch in the higher levels, that is so dumb too. You literally have a trail of stats from when you first join, sudden leaps in performance are a red flag. I've been watching Chessbrah videos him politely playing against many cheaters and then checking their profiles to find they were banned right after the match sometimes,

Anyway I have always felt cheating is just a waste of EVERYTHING and pathetic. I like the experiences and really love learning new things, cheaters suck. 😎

Check this video of Chessbrah vs a person with a 3x lower rank beating him, cheater cheater.