Chess - The draw and how it is a sign.

One of the most frustrating things in Chess as a newer player is to be totally controlling the board but then getting a draw or stalemate. It's basically a loss for the dominant player and a save by the almost losing opponent. When you are down it is a tactic to try and force a draw, it works well with up tempo or once the clock is low. I have been having checkmate vision issues, I just do not see them when they can get me a quick win.

So today I am playing my favorite bot "Mr Beast" rank 1100 but seemingly harder than other 1100's, I play this one often because I win and lose depending on how my focus is. I started getting to a point where I am always in control but Mr Beast gets a draw/stalemate result very often. So after getting a couple draws I focused a bit more and got his little king into an area, stopped and looked around. Which way can he go?

That part is the key, look at all his outs before doing some useless check which may lead to a stalemate. What happened after that was a first, 3 checkmates in a row. So if getting draws/stalemates it means you are not studying your opponents next possible moves or lack of one. I know this seems super obvious, but when it matters the most sometimes the thrill of 'winning' may distract you a bit. Definitely happens to me, yea we spend an entire game thinking about the next moves just to lose focus because we are winning in our own mind,