GTA V - Update today and I have an arsenal.

Edit I checked out the new car tuner area, it's real nice but not my sort of thing, I ended up increasing my arsenal and upgrading my businesses.

Yea but I spent some $real money to up my arsenal in a video game, yeap pay to win or to me 'pay to protect'. There is a new tuner car update with many other new things out today, I am downloading it slowly now. Not really into that sort of thing usually it seems more "RP', but one new 'feature' is vehicles will spawn next to you, all of them now. Uh this is a killer change, what previously happens is you use your Jet and some mofo blows it up so you have to ask for new one and it spawns at the nearest airfield. So if the mofo who blew it up happens to be a crew of mofos they will usually have a planned attack on the closest airfield and make shit very hard for you. OH Noes!

Not anymore, I like this new change. I fly my Lazer jet daily and will partake in some uh THUGGING from the air 'sometimes', but usually just the sweetest person in game. Here's my fav 'fuck all of you' vehicles, Lazer jet, Knightshark armored SUV with machine guns, Oppressor mk2 flying bike with missiles, Akula helicopter missiles machine gun bombs, and Khanjali tank rail gun with proximity mines. Those are pretty standard, but I recommend all of them for warding off the turds. Generally I am just doing missions for my businesses, survival/simeon matches, and then after that maybe some free mode crap.

However if some punk or group of punks attacks it is on bitches, and I learn fast. Or maybe I am the usual lone wolf hiding off the radar. Anyway I do enjoy this game, but it is expensive in game and it intrigues me on how to make it less expensive, that is the game within the game.